intentional, we will bri▓ng the perpetrators to justice."The Ministry says local authorities must recall and s

mpics, gorillas, eleph

Imag 01

th mankind, and they may became man's friends. But their life has also changed by man's behavior. For polar bears, their home just melting under their feet for the

reason of climate change. And for other wil▓dlifes, things getting worse. They are waiting for Atlantic ▓bluefin tuna... The fish is prized as sushi but stocks have plunged more than 80 percent since 1970. Japan impor▓ts about 80 percent of the catch, mostly from the E▓uropean union. But this is not the problem to blame whom, but a metter of cooperation. Willem Wi

ants and sea

  • lions will demonstrate their athletic pro
  • wess during the two-month long festival. A nude ani
  • mal rights activist holds a billboard on whi
  • ch is written "Free the hens. Get rid of all cag
  • es by 2010." The activists protested raising hen

s in the cag

jnstekers, Cites Secretary General, said, "For tuna and other fish species there are other organizations that are co-responsible. T▓he question is who has to do what. I think that eve▓rybo

Edward - e, in Berlin, Jan. 1

6, 2008. (Ph

Image 02

dy cares about wildlife. It's all about who is responsible for what ." A bid to ban the international export of th

e bluefin tuna, was killed along with regulations on the pink and red coral trade during the 175-nation Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. The meeting was opene

d two weeks ago with call▓s from the United STates and Europeans to give a lifeline to overfished oceans. Amid the disappointments for conservation advocates, there were some successes. BEIJING, March 18 (Xinhua) -- In the wake o

oto: Xinhuanet▓

f the death of 13 captive Siberian tigers in a northeast China zoo, legal experts have posted

online a proposal for a "law again▓st animal abuse" to solicit opinions. The proposal, p▓osted online Wednesday, would be revised after the experts considered the public's responses and then in April, it would

  • .com)1Now here are some stories from the anima
  • l kingdo▓m to bring out the "Aaaaah"s in yo
  • u.The mother of the twins was imported from Australi
  • a. And the cubs were born in October last ye
  • ar after a one-month pregnancy.Koala cubs sp
  • end the first eight months of their lives in their
  • mothers' pouches, before they're mature enoug

h to lead▓ in

be submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, said Chang Jiwen with ▓law institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Scien▓ces, who participated in the draft of th

Image 07

dependent lives. Trade in

incl▓uding 11 which died of malnutrition and another two were shot dead while mauling a zoo worker in November 2009, said Liu Xiaoqiang, vice chief of the Shenyang W▓ild An

Image 08

terest trumped conser▓vation at

zoo animals mauling people. And our survey shows that many privately-owned zoos were not doi▓ng well financially," said Chang. As for regulating th▓e privately-owned zoos, there we

Image 05

a U.N. wildlife conference on T

rovide for any punishment for irresponsible zoo owners who abuse the animals. In addition, the Property Law stipulates that zoo owne▓rs have the right to keep animals and animal

Image 06

hursday in Qatar, where pr

event future tiger tragedies and stop cruelty to animals. Articl▓e 19 of the proposal forbids animal mistreatment, su▓ch as letting animals starve. If zoo animals are suffe

oposals to step

ring f▓rom hunger or illness in cash-strapped zoos, zoo ma▓nagers must turn to the animal protection body in Ch▓ina, for help. If necessary, the authorities should take over the zoo. "If such a law were in place, the recent tig

up protection for pola

er tragedy may have been avoided," said Chang. Not just the engendered species like the Siberian tiger, but also common animals can be protected if the soon to be submitted "law against animal abuse" comes into for▓ce. Animal abuse is reported from time to time in China. On Feb. 18, a man was reportedl

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